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We Are An Educational centre that provides high-quality Education in Nigeria


Elevate your children's academic performance with top-notch tutors who excel in delivering high-quality education.

Our tutors boast extensive experience, undergo rigorous vetting, and possess a demonstrated history of achieving exceptional outcomes.

Rest assured in a safe and reliable learning environment. Over 2,360 parents have entrusted Tuteria to enhance their children's academic achievements, providing homework assistance and exam success.

Customized to suit your child's needs, each lesson is designed to fortify weaker areas and empower mastery in every subject.


Prepare for major exams like WAEC, NECO, and GCE, as well as UTME and POST-UTME, with our tutorial center's comprehensive guidance and counseling services.

We equip students with targeted exam preparation strategies, covering essential exam syllabi, practice tests, and effective study techniques tailored to maximize success in these crucial examinations. Additionally, our expert counselors offer invaluable guidance, aiding students in setting achievable goals, managing exam stress, and providing support throughout their academic journey.

O-level Classes

Enroll in our O-Level tutorial classes tailored for secondary school students aiming for exceptional grades in their O’Level examinations. These results serve as crucial prerequisites for admission into universities and other higher learning institutions. Our program covers a wide array of subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry), Social Sciences (Economics, Government, Geography, History), Humanities (Literature in English, Christian Religious Studies), and Commerce-related subjects like Accounting and Commerce. Our experienced tutors offer guidance in selecting O’Level subjects aligned with your desired university course, ensuring a seamless transition toward your higher education goals.

Preparatory/Remedial Classes
Adult Education

Elevate academic performance with our preparatory and remedial classes tailored for secondary students. Our evening preparatory sessions, ideal for students from JSS1 to SS3, focus on aligning with school syllabi to enhance understanding and performance in core subjects. Additionally, our remedial classes provide targeted support for students struggling with reading and writing skills. For adults seeking to complete their secondary education, our comprehensive adult education program offers flexibility to balance learning with daily commitments. Whether you're a student aiming to excel or an adult seeking educational advancement, join us and embark on a journey towards academic success and personal growth. Register now and pave the way for a brighter future.

Career Booth Camp
Guidance And Counselling

Join our Career Boot Camp, a continuous program aimed at preparing secondary students for their future career paths, ensuring a seamless transition to university. Tailored to address diverse career development needs, this program offers invaluable knowledge and guidance to help you navigate your desired career trajectory. Our certified and experienced counselors are dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance and counseling sessions. Through these sessions, gain insights into educational, vocational, and social information crucial for making informed decisions. Embrace your potential and banish feelings of low self-esteem or inferiority complex with our unwavering support. Register today to embark on your journey toward academic success, equipped with the best guidance and counseling services available.


Explore a world of digital possibilities through our comprehensive computer training programs. Delve into the realm of programming, mastering languages and frameworks that power modern technology. Unleash your creativity with website design and development courses, crafting visually stunning and functional online experiences. Dive into the world of data science and analytics, acquiring skills to decipher patterns and glean insights from complex datasets. Whether you're a novice or looking to advance your tech skills, our courses cater to diverse interests and proficiency levels, empowering you to thrive in the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation.

“We believe that education should be affordable… We believe knowledge is for every children because it is their right.”

Timi Olonisaye, Founder

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“To be the most preferred and affordable educational centre in Nigeria offering high quality, excellent and relevant educational content for secondary school students while leveraging on modern technology such as the internet to deliver excellently to the students”.


“To provide high quality education materials for students in secondary school in Word, Audio, Video, picture and software formats through our platform (online and on-site) in a very comprehensible and holistic…

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Since my daughters started attending Reliable Link Tutors, I have seen a big difference in their academic progress. I can safely recommend them to any parent.
John Arebofe
Reliable Link Tutors​ is the best place to get started as a child looking forward to a better future.
Mrs Akinwale Sakirat Biola
Sola Mathew Reliable Link
Reliable Link Tutors​ is the new deal when it comes to reliable tutorial in Nigeria. I can attest to their awesome works.
Sola Mathew
Digital Marketing Consultant

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